Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

Traditionally gift boxes used for promotional and seasonal gifts are made from sturdy paperboard or corrugated fiberboard. These boxes normally consist of a base and detachable lid and are made by using a die cutting process to cut the board.

The box is then covered with decorative paper. Gift boxes can be dressed with other gift packaging material, such as decorative ribbons and gift tissue paper.

Types of customization

WHITE LABEL @ Your Company Name
MATERIALSLeather, Nylon Etc..
SIZEcustomise size1:1/1:2 Etc...
TYPEClassic, Designer Etc...

Types of Gift Boxes

If you’re going to buy Gift Boxes online, then take a look at this list we created of the best Gift Boxes before you make your purchase.

Shoulder Box
Hinged Box
Gift Box With Hinged Flap Lid
Clamshell Box
Bookstyle Box
Rigid Slipcase